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FullcolorChibiFurrySemi RealisticFlatcolorLineart
Headshot: $55Headshot: $15Headshot: $65Headshot: $75Headshot: $45Headshot: $25
Bust: $70Bust: $20Bust: $85Bust: $95Bust: $55Bust: $35
Halfbodies: $85Halfbodies: $25Halfbodies: $100Halfbodies: $110Halfbodies: $65Halfbodies: $45
American: $100American: $30American: $120American: $130American: $75American: $55
Fullbodies: $120Fullbodies: $40Fullbodies: $130Fullbodies: $150Fullbodies: $95Fullbodies: $75


  • ● NSFW

  • ● Gore

  • ● Commercial use

  • ● Robots/mechas

  • ● Private commission

  • ● Simple background

  • ● Complicated background

  • ● Complicated details: Complicated Clothing, Armor, Weapons, Tattoos.


  • Anime

  • Semi-realistic Anime


  • Gore

  • NSFW

  • Male

  • Female

  • Anthro Furry


  • Feral

Terms of Service

1. PERSONAL USE. If you wish to commercialize the artwork, you must pay extra.
2. I CAN POST ALL COMMISSIONS. You can provide a date on which you want the commission to be posted, but if you don't want your commission to be posted on my social networks, you must pay an extra percentage for private use.3. ARTWORK MAY NOT BE MODIFIED IN ANY WAY WITHOUT PRIOR PERMISSION. This may have an extra cost.After paying (or making the first payment), you automatically agree to these Terms of Service.**PAYMENTS **
2. NO REFUNDS. If the commission will be cancelled, it will be stopped and delivered up to the most current progress (sketch, line art, flat color, rendering, etc.). No chargebacks are accepted.3. Payments via PayPal invoices: at the moment of payment, I'll need your email address associated to the PayPal account you'll use to pay, to send you an invoice and make your payment more secure.4. Full prepayment: the commission is paid in full in advance.5. Installment payments: the total payment is divided into 2 or 3 installments, which will correspond to the processes of the commission (first payment for sketches, second payment for base colors and third payment for final coloring). This installment payment plan can be customized.AT LEAST ONE FIRST PAYMENT IS ALWAYS NEEDED TO START THE COMMISSION.HOW I WORK
- Depending on your position on the Waiting list, your commission may take more or less time, so be patient.
- Updates/WIPs will be delivered throughout the process (sketches, line art, flat color, rendering, etc.).- I'll only accept 3 major changes DURING THE SKETCHING PHASE. After you approve it and start coloring, only minor changes (color, shadows or highlights) will be accepted.- I don't accept changes in body structure, pose, perspective, etc., after the sketch has been approved and coloring has begun.